Sementes Incrustadas

High purity coated seeds

To honor our unparalleled quality, we constantly seek new ways of improving the life of our most precious asset: our customers.

Always striving to improve, Paso Ita develops constant enhancements in the pelleting of its seeds.

In the beginning of our coated seed production, the pelleting was white. After market studies, we launched the graphite seeds which were a total success. And, to replace an absolute success, you have to bring something that tops it, right? And with the conviction of having this product in our hands, we launched Paso Ita Orange Seeds.

The orange color incorporates the company’s visual identity to the product. Coincidence or not, the color orange means happiness, vitality, prosperity and success. These are our wishes to all of our customers, friends, employees and family members.

Besides possessing all of the known advantages of Paso Ita pelleted seeds:

  • High purity and vigor;
  • Uniform seeds;
  • Improved precision and yield when planting, with cost reduction;
  • Excellent performance in air seeding (reduced drift effect);
  • Reduced attack from birds and ants;
  • Improved resistance to hydric and mechanical stress;
  • Fast germination and plant establishment;
  • Ideal for crop-cattle integration;
  • Coated with macro and micronutrients.


The new pelleting technology adds to our seeds:

  • Improved crop profitability
  • Improved solubility
  • Improved yield per TSW

Striving to cater to a market that grows exponentially and is increasingly demanding, we constantly invest in technology. This way, we coat our seeds with micro and macronutrients, as well as with our customer satisfaction,



Have maximum
profitability in
the field.